Military Divorce

The stress caused by the unique contributions of military families often takes a toll on the marriage.  

A military divorce has distinct issues that implicate both state and federal law. You need to find a military divorce attorney that understands both.  And, you want to ensure that your rights are protected. 

Prior to devoting himself to representing military servicemembers and spouses in family law matters, Richard J. Mockler practiced at two of the nation's most prestigious law firms handling cases pending primarily in federal court. As a former U.S. Marine, Richard also understands the special circumstances of military families. 

Our Firm will treat you and your family with the respect and dignity you deserve while ensuring that your interests are protected.

Use Our Experience to Your Advantage

We have substantial experience representing military service members and their spouses in military divorce cases and other family law matters involving men and women in uniform.  You should use our experience to your advantage.  If you are looking to hire a military divorce attorney, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Going with an attorney that lacks military divorce experience could cost you thousands in billable hours for them to try and learn the issues.  Or, more likely, your attorney does not get up to speed and your rights are compromised.

If you already have a competent military divorce attorney, please consider using our military divorce mediation services.  We understand the issues that military families face in and out of court.  We understand the need to resolve these issues cost effectively.  You could benefit from a mediator who is familiar with military divorce, military pay and allowances, division of retirement pay, and custody issues. 

Please continue reading to learn more about us.  If you or someone you care about is facing a military divorce or family law case, we can help.  Please contact today us at (813) 331-5699 to speak with one of our experienced Tampa military divorce lawyers or contact us online.